New Product Introduction (NPI) Process

Our new product introduction (NPI) process incorporates a standardized set of phase review gates that prepares,verifies and qualifies products for volume production. Each phase has clearly defined deliverables that allows us to quickly identify and resolve issues hat would affect product quality, performance and cost during volume production. Each phase has a sign-off process which ensures that all relevant deliverables are reviewed and considered before moving to the next. Using project metrics and through regular progress updates, we ensure that our NPI process meets customers' commitment dates and volumes.

Starting Off Right & Ensuring Stable Production

Our NPI process starts with a Program Manager being assigned to lead the project. The PM leads the resource requirement assessment and assembles a team with the right mix of experts for the project. Our NPI team then works with the customer to understand the product and process so we fully understand the design and functions before any work begins.

In parallel, our supply chain team ensures that all parts are available and identifies primary and secondary preferred suppliers. Our engineers analyze the product and process to generate the FMEA to be used in refining the manufacturing process. The engineers also define the criteria for process validation testing (PV) and works closely with the customer to develop qualification tests and any custom fixtures.

When the planning and preparation phases are complete, the NPI team starts the first build. We will fine-tune and optimize the PCB and assembly processes until we are confident these processes result in a cost effective, reliable, quality product. Once the product moves into production, we perform a regular operations data review(MOR) based on agreed yield, quality & delivery metrics (KPI).