CT-730 WiMAX-WiFi Wireless Router

DescriptionCEEDTec's CT-730 is a true WiMAX-WiFi (WiWi) wireless access router. It supports both the wireless WiFi 802.11b/g and Ethernet 10/100Mbps interfaces.

Our CT-730 offers instantaneous multi-user Internet access over a WiFi connection. Being a true wireless solution, fixed telephone line or DSL cable connection is NOT needed.

It is designed with ease of use in mind. As a true plug and play wireless network solution - users only need to power it up (*authentication mode dependent) to create an instant internet hotspot or home wireless network. Our CT-730 also offers a simple and intuitive web based configuration interface.

Customization & Re-branding support available for packaging, language, and software settings.

Wireless WANWiMAX IEEE 802.16e Compliance Wave 2
Downlink 30Mbps (max) Uplink 6Mbps (max)
Frequency Allocation 2300MHz - 2400MHz
Module supports 10 or 5 MHz channel bandwidth
Utilize OFDMA/TDD access scheme
EAP-TTLS Authentication
Wireless LANCompliance to 802.11b/g standard with 100mW transmission power
Wireless Access Point & Router
DHCP Server / Client
VPN Pass-through
Configurable Firewall
WPA/WEP 64-bit / 128-bit Encryption
Radius Server (*optional)
Ports10/100 Ethernet RJ-45 x 1
SMA Antenna Connector x 2
DC Power Input x 1
ApplicationsCEEDTec's CT-730 Wireless Router can be used to replace the traditional fixed line or DSL broadband access connection.

It can be used as a portable broadband hotspot in e.g. train stations, airports, meeting rooms, conferences, trade shows etc.

It is also a perfect Back-Up solution to traditional fixed line broadband services.

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Lead TimeTypical delivery lead time is 2 weeks.